Because of the Firm’s location in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, DeBee Gilchrist is uniquely able to serve our clients, as well as other law firms, as special FAA counsel, special Cape Town Convention and International Registry (IR) counsel for all manner of aircraft transactions. Our Firm assists clients and law firms around the world in structuring aviation transactions whether they involve documents to be recorded with the FAA Aircraft Records Branch located in Oklahoma City, interests to be registered with the IR located in Dublin, Ireland, or both.

The work of the Aviation Group of DeBee Gilchrist includes legal counsel and written legal opinions regarding aircraft registration, title, financing, leasing, liens and escrow services. As special FAA Counsel, DeBee Gilchrist assists in the drafting and preparation of instruments, pre-positioning executed instruments in Oklahoma City in advance of closing and filing instruments with the FAA Registry upon closing. DeBee Gilchrist also serves as Special Cape Town Convention Counsel, advising of the “international interests” and other interests registrable on the IR and serving as IR registering agent for one or all of the parties to a transaction.

DeBee Gilchrist is best known in the aviation industry for the availability of our attorneys, the accuracy of our work product and counsel and the timeliness of our response to pressing client needs. DeBee Gilchrist has built a reputation on the level of service and the quality and practicality of the counsel provided to our clients.

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