DeBee Gilchrist maintains a daily presence at the FAA Aircraft Records Branch in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, for purposes of accessing, examining and monitoring the title, registration and encumbrance records for aircraft which are or have been registered in the United States. In addition, our Firm maintains its status as a certified user of the International Registry (IR) for instant and comprehensive access to the international online registration records.

With an experienced staff of attorneys and legal assistants, DeBee Gilchrist examines the FAA and IR records and issues title opinions or memoranda advising parties of the status of title, liens and encumbrances on records. Our Firm also prepares “curative” documents to correct defects in the FAA records.

On a daily basis, DeBee Gilchrist serves as special FAA and IR counsel in connection with closings, including escrow services for funds and documents and establishing clients as qualified users on the IR.

Our Firm maintains a close working relationship with the FAA’s Aeronautical Center Counsel to secure advisory opinions on a variety of matters, such as registration of aircraft under ownership trusts, statutory trusts and complex leasing structures.

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