Since its inception in 1992, DeBee Gilchrist has had an unwavering commitment to the ongoing personal and professional character development of our attorneys and staff which provides a preeminent level of counsel and service to our clients.

DeBee Gilchrist is engaged by clients to provide legal, business and financial counsel to a variety of local, regional and international companies as well as individuals and non-profit entities.

DeBee Gilchrist stays current on the legal concepts and changes in the areas of law we practice as well as the legal and financial principles pertinent to our clients’ needs. By using legal reasoning and applying that reasoning on an individual client basis, we are better able to tailor each project to our clients’ goals and specifications. We pride ourselves in our utilization of technology which enables us to create efficient and timely results, conduct research pertinent to our clients’ needs and to communicate effectively with the speed and accuracy demanded by the current business climate.

Clients who engage our Firm are provided with excellence in client service and overall work product, value in meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients and integrity at both the individual and organization levels.

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