Cape Town Convention and Aircraft Equipment Protocol

The Cape Town Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment and the Aircraft Equipment Protocol entered into effect on March 1, 2006. The Cape Town Convention established comprehensive laws for every ratifying country. As a result, the vast majority of transactions involving all aspects of buying, selling, leasing and financing aircraft and engines are subject to the Cape Town Convention. Most significantly, the Cape Town Convention established the International Registry (IR), an online registry maintained in Dublin, Ireland. In effect, the Cape Town Convention now requires parties to register their sale, leasing and financing interests in aircraft, helicopters and engines on the IR in order to make them effective against third parties.

DeBee Gilchrist served in an advisory counsel capacity to the United States throughout the ratification of the Cape Town Convention and currently serves on the Legal Advisory Panel to the Aircraft Working Group of the Cape Town Convention oversight authority. Our Firm also serves as Special Cape Town Convention Counsel for many international aircraft transactions having no direct connection with U.S. law. DeBee Gilchrist provides counsel to clients and other law firms worldwide in connection with the Cape Town Convention and the IR and advises of the “international interests” and other interests registrable on the IR for any given transaction, including both U.S. and non-U.S. transactions. Our Firm often serves as IR registering agent for one or all transaction parties.

Our attorneys and staff also regularly assist clients by guiding them through the IR user application process or, more commonly, making application on their behalf and serving as IR administrator on a part-time or permanent basis.

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