A business combination results in two or more business entities combining their assets into a single entity which then engages in the business activities of the separate business entities. A business division results in the creation of a new, independent business entity from an existing business entity through a stock spin off or other means. Business divisions and combinations may be structured so that they are either taxable or tax-free.

Because of the complex federal and state laws governing the structure of business divisions and combinations, numerous complicated issues arise in addition to the legal issues involved when undertaking one of these transactions. When managing business divisions and combinations, our attorneys are concerned with more than the legal issues. We possess the advanced training, credentials and background in tax, accounting and finance to craft creative solutions in order to effectively address the legal, tax, accounting and financial issues which arise with these transactions.

We listen and understand each client’s objectives and take a multi-disciplinary team approach in solving problems so that all of these objectives are satisfied.

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