In today’s constantly changing business environment, many business entities reorganize or restructure their business operations in order to take advantage of new business opportunities and to respond to changing business and market conditions. Our attorneys are experienced in structuring taxable and tax-free business reorganizations. We focus on each client’s ultimate objectives in undertaking a reorganization and develop a customized strategy for achieving those objectives while minimizing the resulting federal and state income tax consequences to the client.

DeBee Gilchrist has extensive experience in managing all of the complex issues involved with these types of transactions. Our attorneys hold advanced degrees and certifications in accounting, tax and business valuation and possess extensive background experience in each of these fields. Our attorneys take a multi-disciplinary approach in crafting unique and innovative strategies which satisfy not only the legal, but also the business, financial and personal objectives of our clients.

With many years of combined experience and our advanced training, we have the knowledge and experience to skillfully and effectively structure and manage the reorganization of business entities in virtually any industry.

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