Business succession plans include a variety of complex legal, tax and personal issues. A successful business succession plan requires the development of an overall strategy, goals and set of objectives necessary to complete the transfer of ownership of a business in one, or more often, a series of integrated steps. Purposes for business succession plans include transfers from senior to more junior management generations, intra family transfers and owner to employee transfers.

A successful business succession plan involves the analysis of many different areas of law, accounting, valuation and commerce. Failure to address any one of these areas successfully can result in a failure of the business succession plan and an unintended adverse consequence.

DeBee Gilchrist has many years of experience in handling business succession planning for both large and small businesses. We help sort through the options and create a plan that meets the needs and goals of our clients and take steps to ensure that the wishes of our clients are documented and made known now and followed in the future.

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